How to use the MedMis mobile application?


The IUCN has made available a free mobile application for anyonewho wants to participate in the invasive marine species identification programme. You can download this application from the Apple Store (iOS) or from Google Play (Android). This mobile application has been designed for anyone who would like to contribute to conservation efforts (recreational or professional divers, marine technician,scientist and MPA manager) by indicating the presence of invasive marine species or byadding supplementary information about invasive species found in marine protected areas.

How can I register?

It is very easy to sign up online, either through our web platform or through the IUCN MedMis mobile application. To do so, you simply fill out a short questionnaire and then you will be able to report casual sightings of potentially invasive species you might have encountered.

All data collected on the MedMis portal will be available to the public. If you are an oceanographer, a recreational diver or an MPA manager, you will be able, upon registration, to add sightings of these invasive species, to contribute to the conservation of marine protected areas and to participate in discussion forums on species identification.

I think I saw an alien invasive species in the area I visited, how can I report it?

First, you need to open your MedMis account. To log in, you simply enter your email address and password. The “Add observation” button will then appear on the top bar, by clicking on it the data entry form will appear. Please note that some fields are mandatory and all submissions should include a photo, the scientific name of the invasive species (wherever possible), the marine protected area where the invasive species was encountered, the range of depth at which you were and the date of your observation.

Moreover, any additional information is highly valued by scientists and will be used for management purposes. If you go back to the map after your new entry, you will notice that the system took into account your data. However, this data will be marked as a cross rather than an X, which means that your observation was sent to MedMis managers for review. Indeed, our team of experts will examine the entryand they will either publish it or give itthe status of ‘in the process of identification’.

What is an invasive species?

Invasive marine species – also known as introduced or non-native species- are animal or plant species that have been introduced intentionally or unintentionally, have established a population and have spread in the natural environment they have invaded (IUCN, 2002). The MedMis web platform and mobile application contains a black list of invasive marine species classified by species.  This list represents the priority species with the greatest potential for Mediterranean Marine protected Areas. It has been developed with the assistance of Mediterranean group of experts, following a series of evaluations and ranking exercises and it is revised every 3-4 years.


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