MedMis platform new functionality: it is now possible to download reports in pdf version

The MedMis platform, which is a comprehensive plan to combat invasive species in Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) across the Mediterranean, has a new functionality to make our platform more user-friendly for our users who wish to obtain information about invasive species. From now on, all visitors can download an invasive species identification guide,a map of sightings of invasive species in different MPAs and a species identification report identifying the invasive speciesthat were previously reported, all availableinpdf format.

The invasive species guide is a complete and informative account of different invasive species in the Mediterranean. It provides descriptive pictures, identification keys, information about habitat and reproduction, similar species, history and route of introduction, ecological and economic impacts and possible management options. Themap of sightings of invasive species includes geographic coordinates of invasive species identified in a particular MPA and the possibility to export available datasets for each MPA.

The species identification report identifyingthe invasive species that were previously reportedin different MPAs provides comprehensive information, such as, the species scientific and common names, date of sighting, coordinates, habitat, depth, sighting map with legend and keys for identification. This reportis intended to facilitate the reporting task and help other professionals or amateur divers report sightings of invasive species in the Mediterranean.

The platform is very user-friendly, making the download of these documents very simple. In order to do so, you have to go on the section you are interested in (‘Guide’, ‘Report’ or ‘Under Review’) located on the top bar. Once there, the information is categorised in chronological order in each of their respective sections. At the right of eachdata entry you will find the author, the date, and then a small and recognizable pdf documenticon on which you can click to download the report.

The MedMis websiteprovides a guide and a platform where sightings of these invasive species can be reported online in order to monitortheir occurrence and spread within different AMPs. This platform is specifically designed for observers who want to learn more about invasive species that one can encounter around protected areas, and for citizens who want to support conservation efforts by reporting casual sightings of potentially invasive species they might have encountered.

Mobile application and social media

In addition to the MedMis online platform, we have provided you with a free mobile application available for both Android and IOS devices. This application will permit you to report invasive species sightings instantly and wherever you might be.

You can also follow us on both our Twitter account (@IUCN_Med) and Facebook page ( Both these social media channels can be used to communicate with us or to report any possible sighting of an invasive species. This can be done by using the following hashtags: #MedMis or #InvasiveSpecies.


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