Welcome to the #MedMis online platform

The IUCN released a new online tool to communicate with the world. As from now, the #MedMis website will provide you with information on the studies that are currently conducted in the Mediterranean to investigate and identify marine invasive species. As we explained in our previous publications, marine invasive species are the greatest threat to biodiversity in Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean. However, we can eradicate them or mitigate their impact through early detection and rapid response. Through the #MedMis platform, we ask you to report casual sighting of these invasive species you might have encountered in the different MPAs in the Mediterranean. It is only through the active participation of a large and engaged community that we will make this project a useful and successful tool to help us face this pressing environmental issue.

Portada MedMis

This online platform will not only help us reach our objectives, but it will also provide you with several tools so that you can actively contribute to the project. Indeed, you can report the invasive species you encountered in the different MPAs you have visited through the #MedMis platform. This platform is specifically designed for observers who want to learn more about invasive species, that one can encounter around protected areas, and for citizens who want to support conservation efforts by reporting casual sightings of potentially invasive species they might have encountered.


In addition to the #MedMis website, we have provided you with a free mobile application available for both Android and IOS devices. This application will permit you to report your sightings instantly and wherever you might be. Here, you can find more information on where to download them and on how to use them.


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